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IT Portal is both a cloud-based and on-premise IT Portal where you can easily and securely document, relate, track, search, and share all of your IT documentation.

Our IT Portal focuses on the needs of IT Professionals. They need instant access to documents, licenses, passwords, contacts, diagrams, KB articles, and information on network devices. With IT Portal they can quickly and easily locate that information, saving your company valuable time and resources.

Accounts and Credentials

Used to record credential logins, subscription, and support accounts used by a particular company. When editing a device, you have the option to add a username and password for managing that single device. But, if multiple devices share the same credentials, create an account and link the account to the devices.

  1. Domain registrars logins (GoDaddy, NetSol)
  2. AD Service Accounts
  3. Common Logins like iDrac/HP ILO
  4. ESXi Login
  5. Office 365 accounts for your users
  6. Link accounts to objects to show how they are related
  7. Easily import from other platforms via excel

Keep track of agreements like licenses, support contracts, domain names, SSL certificates, and SLAs. Ensuring you always have access to the needed info when renewing or rebuilding an environment.


Objects that are typically associated as being an attribute of a devices or a physical peripheral attached to a device. Examples of configuration objects includes websites, disks, LUNs, applications, USB Drives, and Scheduled Tasks.

Companies, Contacts, Sites....

A company is the place of reference for information about a particular group's infrastructure. Reference documents, licenses, passwords, contacts, diagrams, kbs, forms,and information about devices relating to a company.

Sites are groupings of devices and users. A site can be a physical site like a company's office, a data center, or a campus. Viewing a site, you will see address information, network diagrams, ip networks, devices, and services provided by the devices.


Document in detail the devices running on your networks. Ideally devices should be documented as shown below, but at the least device names, descriptions, IP addresses, and access information should be documented.


Save important files, images, and notes about your environment as documents and relate them to devices and other objects. Sample documents include build books, diagrams, check lists, forms, DR documentation, policies and procedures. A repository can have no attached files, one main attached file, or sets of folders with associated files.


Create search-able knowledge base articles in the Portal. KB articles should be used as general how to guides regarding the technologies that you use to support your infrastructure. Information relating directly to a particular company should be saved as a document. For example a script to install pre-requirements for a product can be in the KB, but a document showing the results of running the pre-requirements for a particular device should be kept under documents.


Complying with GDPR, HIPPA, PCI, and SOC2 regulations. Your data is secure. More Info...

Demos, Features, and more...

The portal has great features including free logins for customers, mobile access, open API, RMM/PSA Integrations, and more. Click here for demos, features. and more.

  • IT Mobile App!

    See the Portal in action. The Apple iOS and Android apps are available for download.

    More Info: http://app.siportal.com

    Apple Store Link
     Google Store Link
  • IT Web App!

    Responsive web interface provides an optimal viewing experience no matter your device.

    Integrating with AutoTask, ConnectWise, and CommitCRM.

  • Onboard IT!

    This document was modelled after a discovery done by an MSP to onboard a new customer. The thought here is to show you how we document using the SI Portal. Leverage this document to assist with your current documentation processes.

    Onboarding White Paper
  • Engineer IT!

    Born out of a MSP with engineers wondering late at night "WHAT IS THIS DEVICE THAT IS DOWN!" When you get that alert late at night, do you have what you need? IT Portal has your back. See How!

    Engineer Experience Demo
  • Manage IT!

    IT Portal secures and shares IT documentation. See how IT Managers command assurance in operations with proper IT Documentation.

    Manager Experience Demo
  • Sync IT!

    Copy your IT Portal onPremise to the cloud or your laptop. Copy your IT Portal Cloud to your onPremise network.

    More Info
  • Document IT!

    Similar to how a doctor needs patient records, IT guys needs information about networks and their devices. SI Portal allows an MSP or IT Department to locate information about the networks they manage. Information like documents, contacts, accounts & passwords, licenses, and most importantly network devices(the patients).

Cloud service in five regions and on-premise installs in countries around the world

Group by Company

All data in the IT Portal must relate to a company. A company is an entity containing accounts, agreements, contacts, documents, devices, and locations.


Your networks are interconnected; With the IT Portal so is your documentation. See how a device (or any other object) relates to contacts, documents, even other companies.

Secure Access

Who, what, where, when, and even why! Track all activities in your IT Portal.

A Cloud and on-premise offering for documenting IT. Our IT Portal focuses on the needs of your IT Staff. They need documents, licenses, passwords, contacts, diagrams, KB articles, and information on applications and network devices. Please review the info below to get familiar with the Portal.

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  • Free Company Users
  • Branding
  • Notifications
  • Relationships
  • Portal Export
  • Mobile App
  • My Password List
  • Synopsis View
  • Image Galleries
  • Seven Themes
  • Change History
  • Superior WYSIWYG Editor
  • Companies
  • Devices
  • Accounts
  • Agreements
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Configurations
  • KBs
  • Forms
  • Logs Access
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Active Directory
  • SSL and Encryption
  • Granular Permissions
  • Recycle Bin
  • Access Control
  • IP Access Control


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